These Technology Companies Pay Salespeople the Most

Determining how much money companies pay their salespeople is more complicated than it might seem. Most employers, after all, pay their sales teams commissions and bonuses on top of annual salaries. You need to consider those benefits before accepting any sales job. If you manage to get an offer at one of these companies, though, you will likely have plenty of opportunities to make a lot of money.

Base Salary: $110,000
Average Annual Commission: $100,000
Total: $210,000

SAP consistently pays its salespeople more than other tech companies in the Unites States and, considering the giant client services and enterprise software firm is headquartered in Germany, probably the world. @@SAP salespeople can expect to make, on average, more than $200,000 per year.@@ However, keep in mind that you will need to be proficient in the company’s complicated software systems and programs, and considering it SAP is a global company with more than 150 offices, your position will likely involve quite a bit of traveling.

Base Salary: $90,148
Average Annual Commission: $74,111
Total: $164,259

@@It’s right there in the name: this company’s sales team is a force.@@ The world leader for customer solutions and customer relationship management -- a fancy way of saying that Salesforce does organization better than anybody else -- Salesforce pays its sales team supreme wages. And this lucrative salary strategy appears to be paying off: Thanks to the company’s world-beating products, services and employees, Salesforce recently reported a market value of $50 billion. Salesforce was also named by Fortune one of the 50 Best Workplaces for Millennials.

Base Salary: $93,000
Average Annual Commission: $100,000
Total: $193,000

San Francisco-based Cisco calls itself the global leader in “networking for the internet,” which essentially means that most internet activity moves through Cisco’s systems. The company works with most major technology companies, designing and manufacturing hardware while also investing in robust networking software and cloud computing designs.

Base Salary: $118,000
Average Annual Commission: $50,000
Total: $168,000

Still one of the biggest names in personal computing, Microsoft has lost some of its market share with the emergence of Google, Apple, and various more affordable computing technology in recent years. As a result, Microsoft must pay a bit more for the best salespeople, who now must work that much harder to retain Microsoft’s place at the table in the era of the cloud.

CA Technologies
Base Salary: $106,542
Average Annual Commission: $87,481
Total: $194,023

Based in New York City but a provider of information technology software management for companies around the world, CA Technologies makes sure its employees are well-heeled to do their job. That job will soon include transitioning from the traditional mainframe management, which CA still dominates, into cloud computing, software development and operations management.

EMC Corporation
Base Salary: $100,000
Average Annual Commission: $100,000

Total: $200,000

You don’t normally see that type of salary and commission symmetry, but EMC Corporation bucks the software company trend in more ways than one. Not only is this high-paying data storage-and-services firm located on the East Coast, but it makes a home in Hopkinton, Mass., a small city 40 miles west of Boston. One reason they can afford such high salaries? EMC’s Syncplicity division, which works on public cloud storage systems and competes with companies like Box and Dropbox, was recently sold to Skyview Capital for an undisclosed fee.