The Switch Spotlight: Crowdtap

For the inaugural edition of our Switch Spotlight series, in which we highlight companies using Switch to source and hire great candidates, we decided to go with one of our oldest and most loyal companies: Crowdtap. Though they don't need the validation -- they were recently ranked No. 3 in Forbes' list of Best Places to Work in Advertising & Marketing -- we wanted to reward them nonetheless.

Crowdtap has 19 open positions on Switch. Below you'll find a few of their most exciting. Follow the links below to swipe and apply for these jobs through Switch, or open your app to find positions in your job function organically.

Senior Vice President, Marketing 
Senior Product Manager
Junior Content Writer
Client Success Associate
DevOps Engineer

Read on for insight into the people-powered marketing platform's hiring philosophy and where Switch fits into the grand Crowdtap scheme!

Switch: Does Crowdtap have a certain hiring philosophy?

Rick Pereira, VP & head of talent, Crowdtap: Our philosophy is to hire based on achievement instead of activity. When vetting candidates, we are more interested in hearing about what people have built in their careers than which specific companies they've worked at, or where they attended college. 

Switch: What is the most important thing you look for in a potential hire? 

RP: Crowdtap's success as a business is a factor of the people we bring on board and the culture we foster. We look for three core skills no matter who we hire. From interns to management positions, we consider these core traits as mandatories. The first thing we ask is, "Is this person an entrepreneur?" We want to hire people who understand startups and Crowdtap as a company, and who approach problem solving creatively. The second thing we ask is, "Is this person agile – can they adapt?" We work in a rapidly changing landscape, so it's critical for our employees to adapt quickly to new challenges and have a solutions-oriented mindset. Finally, we ask, "Can this person collaborate?" No matter how smart you are, if you can't collaborate across the broader team, you're not likely to be a fit at Crowdtap. We are a tight-knit group and we look for people who thrive on working with others.

Switch: What is the biggest challenge you face when hiring?

RP: Crowdtap has had a lot written about our culture so we have a ton of applicants reaching out to join our team. Our challenge is finding people who can meet the three core skill sets I previously mentioned and contribute to building a great company.

@@Switch provides all the info my recruiters and I need without the resume fluff.@@

Switch: How has Switch altered the way you hire, if at all?

RP: Switch has allowed us to get in front of passive candidates – those people who are open to having a conversation but might not be aggressively on the hunt for a new position. This allows us to get in front of new and different types of people earlier on in their job search.

Switch: What’s your favorite thing about sourcing candidates with Switch?

RP: Switch provides all the info my recruiters and I need without the resume fluff.

About Crowdtap

Crowdtap, the People-Powered Marketing Platform, is a new operating system for brands powered by the people who love them. Crowdtap has been hiring with Switch since late 2014 and remains one of our favorite companies. A fast-growing company with a fun atmosphere, Crowdtap is ranked 3rd on Fortune's list of Best Places to Work! Rick Pereira is on Twitter @tappingTalent.