The Switch Spotlight: Brandwatch

For our second Switch spotlight, we wanted to cast a glowing beam on Brandwatch, the global social intelligence firm helping companies create innovative, data-driven approaches to driving business via social media. Through the use of cutting-edge social media monitoring and deep-insight analytics, Brandwatch is taking the social branding to a whole new place.

Headquartered in New York but with offices in six world cities, Brandwatch is a cosmopolitan agency with a focus on hiring likeminded candidates with the technical gifts and experience to help the company shine. Below, find a few Brandwatch positions currently available on Switch:

Partner Sales Manager -- New York, NY -- Sales
Group Director of Agency Development -- New York, NY -- Sales
Senior Java Engineer -- London, UK -- Engineering
Account Manager (Brands) -- San Francisco -- Sales
Social Media Analyst -- New York, NY -- Business Development
Agency Sales Executive -- New York, NY -- Sales

Below, find an interview with Brandwatch recruiter Leigh Anne Williams in which she talks about her company's hiring philosophy, what she looks for in an employee and how Switch helps her find the right fit.

Switch: Hi, Leigh Anne! Does Brandwatch have a certain hiring philosophy?

Leigh Anne Williams: Our hiring philosophy at Brandwatch is “always hire to improve the quality of our team and never compromise.”

Switch: What is the most important thing Brandwatch looks for in a potential hire?

Williams: Many factors are vital in the Brandwatch hiring process, including professional and life experience, passion, culture fit, and more. The top three things we look for in a candidate are:

  • Technical ability: How well can this person do the job?
  • Culture fit: How Brandwatch-y is the candidate? Are they ready to #gobeyond?
  • Development potential: Do we feel they will level-up in a big way and move the company forward?

Switch: What is the biggest challenge Brandwatch faces when hiring?

Williams: Brandwatch has aggressive growth ambition for the US market; we plan to triple in size in the next two years. Our biggest challenge when hiring is uncovering the diamonds in the rough that can come onboard and quickly take on new challenges, while performing at a gold-medal level on our winning team.

Switch: How has Switch altered the way Brandwatch hires, if at all?

Williams: Switch hasn’t necessarily altered the way we hire, but it has been an incredibly useful additional vehicle we use for sourcing amazing new candidates.

@@Switch has been an incredibly useful vehicle for sourcing amazing candidates.@@

Switch: What’s your favorite thing about sourcing candidates with Switch?

Williams: I love Switch’s sleek user interface and how quickly it allows me to connect to the right candidates. Once there is a match, you’re connected in minutes. In the fast-paced technology industry, and even faster paced social media technology industry, this is absolutely important for our hiring team.

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