The Switch Guide to Profile Optimization

At Switch, we’re all about maintaining job seeker anonymity. By concealing your full name and email address from hiring managers and headhunters, we allow you to search freely and without fear.

However, we still want to help you stand apart from the peers and present the best version of your (anonymous) self to Switch’s stable of great employer. The easiest way to do that is by optimizing your personal profile. Take a look at the following helpful tips, and click through the slideshow at the left for an illustrated guide to making your profile pop!

Add a photo.

We understand the hesitancy around being judged by your looks, but a headshot adds color to your profile and brings you to life for the real hiring managers on the other side of the app.

Make your headline pop.

Since this will be the first text an employer sees, it’s a good idea to make this area as descriptive and attractive as possible. Try to include your current or most recent role in as much detail as the field allows.

Narrow your job function & industry.

The stronger an idea the Switch algorithm has of your ideal job function and industry, the more relevant postings you’ll see in your feed. If you want to stay in the same field, leave your function and industry as is; if you want to move somewhere else, change these fields to reflect that.

Skills, skills, skills.

Despite these going at the bottom of your job card, it’s still important to populate these fields with your most marketable skills -- and ones that apply most directly to the industry and job function you’re looking to snag.

Target your salary.

Provide an accurate reflection of what you’re currently pulling down and what you feel you’re capable of earning, and Switch’s matching algorithm will do the rest. You’ll notice that when you are first completing and confirming your profile, there is no field to target your salary. When you swipe through your first stack of job postings, a card will pop up asking you to fill in your current and target salary. Once you save that information, it will immediately populate into your profile.