The Most Fun Office Jobs Hiring Today

When you were a kid and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up, chances are high that you picked something like astronaut, magician or professional basketball player. Chances are also high that today, those dreams didn’t exactly come to fruition. However, if you find yourself working or looking for work in an office environment, there are still some options that can bring fun and fulfillment to your professional life. Here are seven of the best:

Video Game Designer

A staple of lists like these, and for good reason. Video game designers get to simultaneously push the limits of their creativity and technical expertise. They’re also designing a product that will create joy for the end-user, as opposed to something like a mortgage loan package. The industry is booming, with video games often on the forefront of the virtual reality evolution, triggering movie franchises and multi-billion-dollar companies built around live-streaming the best gamers go at it.

@@An honorable mention here goes to video game testers.@@ Despite having less of an influence on the final product, these employees do, essentially, get to play video games for a living, though they are expected to play with a purpose and find any glitches or holes in the gameplay.

Study Abroad Advisor

Do you have the travel bug but need a full-time job for the pay, benefits or security? Look no further than the study abroad department at your local university. The employees that make up these departments are all about helping students have transformative experiences outside the country, and get to travel vicariously through them during the process. You’ll need to slog through a lot of paperwork, but each semester will bring a new flock of students knocking on your door looking to broaden their horizons.

Robotics Engineer

@@Robotics is the forefront of the forefront of technology.@@ The robots developed by companies like Boston Dynamics will almost certainly bring human civilization to its knees, or at least allow us to relax on our floating couches while they do the vacuuming. It takes a lot of effort and quite a few qualifications, but the work and the results of working with some of the most advanced technology on the planet might just be worth it.

Creative Director

Creative directors are paid -- and paid well -- to think outside of the box, while those around them are paid to execute their thinking. If you’ve got excellent taste, an eye for detail and a knack for knowing what people want before they want it, a creative position at an advertising agency may be for you. Beware, however, that you will get none of the comfort of a rote, monotonous day job where you fulfill tasks all day. You’ll be counted on to think big picture and always be outdoing yourself, which can add extra stress to your office life.

Security Penetration Tester

Security penetration testers try to find ways to break into security systems. Most people who try to break into servers go to jail, but with this job, you actually get paid to do it. You probably won't get to spend your days reenacting scenes from Sneakers, but you will get to play with the latest security technology. Keep in mind that this fun job carries a lot of responsibility. @@As a security penetration tester, you play an important role in protecting individuals and companies.@@

Financial Services Salesperson

You might be surprised to find that those who work in finance sales are some of the happiest in the working world. This likely has something to do with the average salary -- north of $90,000, plus commissions -- and the fact that these salespeople interact with a more elite brand of clientele on a daily basis. However, financial salespeople can expect to do quite a bit of traveling for their work, and a keen understanding of financial tools is required. However, if you love the art of persuasion and crave rejection, few sales positions offer higher salaries than these.

Social Media Manager

Social media addicts, heed this call! There are jobs out there that will pay you real money to spend all day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr -- you get the picture. As companies try to carve out a piece of an increasingly splintered audience, social media has taken on great importance in the areas of marketing, sales and business development. From Fortune 500 giants to early-stage startups, social media gurus are being snatched up by all. Beware, however, that this is still work. You will be handling corporate accounts, and your efforts must meet their standards. Still, there are opportunities for creativity and humor, which is a big advantage over certain industries.

These are just seven of the most fun jobs out there. Really any job, depending on your approach, your colleagues and, let’s face it, your salary, can be enjoyable. Get to Switch and find yours today.