Switch Privacy Series No. 3: Your Professional Profile, For Our Eyes Only

It’s no secret: Poaching is rampant in the tech field. If you’re working in tech, from the start-up level on up to the major players, chances are you have been contacted by a recruiter looking to entice you to jump ship. Whether by email, phone, InMail, door-to-door headhunters, etc., cold-call recruiting is reaching epidemic levels.

Now, Switch realizes headhunters are just doing their job. We don’t blame them. What we do is offer an alternative for every passive job seeker who may be considering a different company or career path. Just like you, we take a more passive approach, and encourage all our candidates to go about the job search at their own pace. While Switch allows you to apply with a swipe, setting you on the path to a new career in seconds, we also know that the speed with which you approach the job search depends on a number of factors. Unlike outside recruiters who bombard you with unsolicited and often irrelevant possibilities, Switch is designed to tailor postings to fit your profile, and we encourage you to sort through them at whichever speed you prefer.

Moreover, while Switch exists in the sourcing and recruitment marketplace, we never share notes with competitors or associates. No contact lists or rolodexes, no searchability functions, no dissemination of any kind of personal information. You can import your professional profile from LinkedIn, but that’s entirely a matter of convenience. The LinkedIn authorization comes with no small print that your job search will now be broadcast to LinkedIn contacts or any other network. Essentially, your secret is safe with us.

At Switch, we don’t claim to be the one-stop shop for tech jobs. There are some great marketplaces on the web. But one thing we believe we do better than any other sourcing engine? Privacy. From anonymous profiles to zero search function to avoiding current bosses to sensitive information defense, Switch does it all in the name of privacy.

Privacy is the policy, and discretion is our job description.

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