Switch Privacy Series No. 2: Welcome to Life in a Post-Search Society

We all Google ourselves. When you do, what comes up? Depending on your privacy settings, it’ll turn up links to your various social media profiles – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – and any other links including your name. That information is accessible to everyone, including those people you might rather didn't see it, from past and prospective employers to headhunters and hiring agencies.

The job search should be about your search, not about companies searching you. 

We started Switch, in part, after noticing how easy search engines were making it for you to find anything and everything with just a few thumb taps of your iPhone keyboard. Suddenly, it wasn’t just Jerry Rice rookie jerseys and rice cookers available at the touch of a button, it was also your resume, personal details and personal email. That’s why when we created Switch, we made sure that our user profiles were totally unsearchable.

Employers who use Switch to recruit will see your professional history and highlighted skills, but are blind to personal emails and full names until after a match it made. Everybody else? They see nothing. No evidence that you’re swiping through new career possibilities from the confront of your smartphone. The job search as it should be. Easy, convenient and totally, utterly private.

We are changing the internet job search landscape one anonymous profile at a time. Welcome to Switch. Welcome to life in a post-search society.

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