Switch Privacy Series No. 1: Eliminating Prying Bosses & Nosy Colleagues

At Switch, we pride ourselves on being the go-to job marketplace for people with jobs who would like to passively -- and privately -- search for new ones. While we wouldn’t discourage anyone from using our app, we specifically engineered it with the employed job seeker in mind.

With that in mind, Switch’s biggest advantage over the competition is the privacy it offers its users from previous and current employers and colleagues. Because Switch does not feature a search function, your profile will remain untraceable via the app or any other internet search engine. Only when you express interest in a posting and match with a new, prospective employer do we reveal any of your personal details.

As opposed to internet job boards from CrunchDoor to coroflot, which make your full name and personal email widely available, we prefer to broadcast only the professional experience and expertise that make you a sound candidate. Even when you match with an employer, your email is kept private until you choose to disclose it on your own terms (for example, during an in-app chat with the employer).

As an added bonus, former bosses and colleagues will never even see the professional profile you imported from LinkedIn or created on your own. Switch tracks employers who enter our marketplace and weed them out before they reach your profile. We know all about awkward encounters, and the app has been specifically designed in order to avoid them.

When the Switch privacy series continues, find out more about how Switch protects your personal details and private email from headhunters, external hiring agencies and spammers of all shapes and sizes.

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