Switch Privacy Series: At Switch, Privacy is the Policy

If you’ve been in the water-cooler working world for any length of time, chances are you or someone you know has suffered the dreaded job search privacy invasion. 

Maybe it was a helicopter boss keeping too close an eye on your search activity, or nosy colleagues catching your name on job boards that they are monitoring themselves. Maybe a job board had given away your private information to a third party, and now you get daily emails written in Mandarin or, worse, headhunters find you through LinkedIn and think your inbox is their private launching pad.

Fear no more, brave professionals: Switch is here. Switch keeps your personal information private from everyone (current and former bosses, colleagues, job boards, headhunters) except prospective employers – and we don’t even give them the particulars until you decide you like the job.

Last but definitely not least, we will NEVER expose your private email address. 

Over the course of a series of posts, we will dive into the different aspects of job search privacy and exploitation, and the way Switch allows you to have your privacy and your job search, at the same time, for maybe the first time ever. 

The How-To guide will include:

  1. How Switch rescues you from current and former bosses and co-workers.
  2. How Switch keeps your personal information entirely private.
  3. How Switch protects your personal email inbox.