So, You Want a Higher Starting Salary….

Negotiating salary is point of nervousness and anxiety for hiring managers and candidates alike. Hiring managers want to make sure they can provide the salary level needed for desirable candidates and candidates want to make sure they are competitively compensated for their work. We’re here to make the job search process easier, so we’ve put together are few tips that can help candidates in their negotiation as well as the job search.

Be prepared to take on more responsibility, deliver more than expected and work longer hours

If you’re hoping to make a higher starting salary, be prepared to take on a role with more responsibility and go above and beyond previous or current roles. Salary increase is directly related to the amount of responsibility and work a job demands. When negotiating an offer, discuss with the hiring manager how you are prepared to take on x,y,z added responsibilities and why this also merits a higher salary.

Always know what your desired salary is, you don’t want to be caught off guard if the recruiter or hiring manager asks

When starting the job search process, be prepared with what your desired salary is and your dream salary. A hiring manager could ask at anytime for the desired salary and an unprepared job seeker could start off discussions asking for a lower amount than what they really want. If a hiring manager does ask for a desired salary, always offer a range instead of a specific number or say you are looking to make “above a specific amount.” This still leaves the door open for further negotiation.

Don’t be afraid to pursue multiple opportunities and compare different offers against each other

A job seeker in demand is obviously more desirable for companies (we always want what we can’t have!). As a job seeker, it’s a smart idea to pursue various career opportunities in order to find the best fit. Pursuing various options also provides the job seeker with an upper hand when it comes to final negotiations. While job seekers shouldn’t aggressively pit opportunities against each other to start a bidding war, they should make hiring managers aware that they are considering a variety of opportunities and are in demand. If a company really wants an in demand candidate to join their team, they will be more forthcoming with a competitive offer.

Good luck in the job search! You got this!