6 Tips for Using Job Search Apps to Get Hired (About.com)

Distill your resume to fit on a smartphone screen. Forget your traditional one-page CV. Mobile job apps require an even more succinct display of your skills and experience. If formulated correctly, less can be more. Be certain to prioritize your most marketable credentials to capture the hiring manager’s attention. Forcing yourself to distill your background in this way will help you have a better understanding of your professional self and eventually help you better market yourself in networking and interview situations.

Know the keywords. The best job apps use smart algorithms to match relevant candidates with open jobs and vice-versa. These algorithms rely on keywords that illustrate certain experiences and skills, those that candidates may possess and job listings may include as requirements for a position. If you’re a salesperson with expertise in channel sales, for example, ensure you’ve listed that under your skills. Clarity is vital. Save the nuance for after you connect with a hiring manager.

@@Save the nuance for after you connect with a hiring manager.@@

Polish your profile. A great photo, a compelling headline, and a clear outline of skills and experience can help separate you from the crowd and inject some much-needed personality into your professional profile. Stand out, but try to limit confusing or cute language and images.

Make the first move. Many job apps match candidates and employers in a one-on-one chat once they’ve shown mutual interest. At this stage, it’s important you be assertive and initiate the conversation. There’s no point in being passive here. Especially if it’s an attractive posting, hiring managers receive many applicants and an aggressive approach can set you apart from the pack. Why not use this first impression to paint yourself as a go-getter with the skills to boot?

Be attentive. Job search often rewards the timely and attentive, and this is especially true with job apps. Being more streamlined than traditional job boards and company websites, job apps require more consistent engagement and typically move rapidly. Keep track of your matches with employers and messages with hiring managers or recruiters. For apps with in-app chat your response time should be quick. Trust me: Hiring managers appreciate this kind of aggressive punctuality.

@@Job search often rewards the timely and attentive, and this is especially true with job apps.@@

Be professional. Even if you’re using a job app on your phone, you still must abide by the rules of professionalism when corresponding with employers. Sure, the dialogue and environment feels refreshingly casual and stress-free, but you must remain vigilant about accuracy, proper grammar, attention to detail, and professional etiquette. You might be tapping to apply to jobs and “texting” with hiring managers, but always remember that this isn’t social media - our professional future is at stake!

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