Sales: Switch Job Cards vs. Job Descriptions

At Switch, a mobile job app that allows users to scan job postings quickly and easily, our pared down job descriptions -- known as “job cards” -- strip away all the needless jargon and include only the essentials. Our personalized, simplified job descriptions can not only streamline your job search, but they also provide a better idea of how to focus your own resume and optimize your job hunt. Switch currently offers 18 different “job functions” that cover everything from account management to software engineering.

Today, we’ll look at the way sales job cards differ from typical internet job descriptions. For examples, check out the slideshow to the right. Then download the app to try it out for yourself!

Sales Job Cards

As a general rule, salespeople take the company's product to the customer, acquiring leads, generating interest, attracting customers and then meeting those customers' needs. Salespeople are generally very good at dealing with people, have excellent organizational skills, handle rejection well and are highly self-motivated. They also have a deep understanding of their company's product, and have the courage to challenge the status quo if they believe the market demands it.

However, the massive field known as sales varies wildly within these general parameters. Customers can be other businesses (B2B sales) or regular consumers. Established companies already have a product for the sales team, while startups and other young companies could involve their sales team in the development of a marketing strategy. For a salesperson looking for a new job, wading through the sea of sales positions on the web can feel overwhelming at the best of times. With Switch, we do our absolute best to package our positions in a way that is easy to digest and gives candidates a good idea of what the job will require within seconds of opening the job card. 

Most Popular Skills for Sales

  • Excellent command of research and understanding of the internet
  • Presentation & public speaking
  • Excellent attitude
  • Writing & communication skills
  • Great listener
  • Persuasiveness
  • Inside Sales
  • Sales Development
  • Sales Analytics Platforms
  • Lead generation
  • Technical expertise
  • B2B / consumer experience