The Most Insane Office Pranks, Ranked

Here at Switch we like to keep it light, occasionally Slacking from an unoccupied laptop or taking part in GIF battles over email. However, nothing we do compares to these office hijinks. If you're looking for revenge or simply to rile a coworker up, try one of these pranks on for size. Just as long as you don't trace it back to us, that is...

1. The Jell-O Stapler

Who doesn't love Jell-O? Suspending Kyle from accounting's hole-punch in gelatin is one of the oldest tricks in the book, immortalized by The Office and no doubt tried at offices around the countries, to varying degrees of success. If you're bold enough to give it a go, follow Wikihow's step-by-step guide to perfect the recipe. @@Ingredients include a colleague's beloved desk instrument and, you guessed it, Jell-O.@@

2. The Keyboard Jumble

Wait until your coworker goes on vacation -- or maybe just out for a long lunch, depending on how handy you are with a screwdriver -- and go to town. This prank may be discovered pretty quickly, but the immediate surprise and ensuing annoyance will be well worth it. 


3. The Floating Desk

To be honest we don't know how this was even possible, but we are impressed by what is clearly a feat of engineering genius. This may be part of your severance package, since we're guessing you may end up with a collapsed ceiling and thousands of dollars in damages. However, if you can pull it off, you will be a workplace legend -- for whatever that's worth.


4. Extreme Desk Makeover

Whereas the previous prank is the equivalent of a Michelin-starred meal, this one is more like taco night: always good, no matter what ingredients you use. @@Making over a colleague's desk is both fun to assemble and annoying to disassemble.@@ You can also use materials you have on hand, from toilet paper to Saran wrap to building an entire gingerbread house out of cardboard and tissue paper (pictured).

5. The Air-Horn Option

If you're running low on time and want to make a *loud* impact, there are far worse options than the air horn. These can be attached in any secretive office locations. Strap one onto the wall behind the door handle (pictured) for ultimate office disruption, or duct-tape it to the base of your coworker's chair. The shrill whine produced each time he or she sits down is sure to strike fear into any workplace enemy.

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