Project Management: Switch Job Cards vs. Job Descriptions

At Switch, a mobile job app that allows users to scan job postings quickly and easily, our pared down job descriptions -- known as “job cards” -- strip away all the needless jargon and include only the essentials. Our personalized, simplified job descriptions can not only streamline your job search, but they also provide a better idea of how to focus your own resume and optimize your job hunt. Switch currently offers 18 different “job functions” that cover everything from account management to software engineering.

Today, we’ll look at the way project management job cards differ from typical internet job descriptions. For examples, check out the slideshow to the right. Then download the app to try it out for yourself!

Project Management Job Cards

Project management is less a job than a lifestyle, with the best in the business using their powers of organization, delegation and personality to deliver a company's project in a fast, effective way to the client or consumer. Project manager jobs about across a variety of industries, though the position itself is in high demand as startups multiply and competition for an audience increases. 

On the larger web, project manager job descriptions are chock-full of soft skills that many normal people may look at and say, "I have those skills!" when in fact, the job requires certain hard skills -- and a mountain of experience -- that only the most qualified candidates could hope to match. At Switch, we try to target the four or five most important hard or soft skills for the specific jobs, to give talent an immediate indication of whether or not they are suitable. 

Most Popular Skills for Project Management

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Long-term vision
  • Team-building and motivation
  • Planning/scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Risk assessment
  • Time management
  • Diplomacy and delegation
  • Ability to communicate from boardroom to mailroom
  • Knowledge of certain industry (software engineering, programming languages, etc.)