Product Management: Switch Job Cards vs. Job Descriptions

At Switch, a mobile job app that allows users to scan job postings quickly and easily, our pared down job descriptions -- known as “job cards” -- strip away all the needless jargon and include only the essentials. Our personalized, simplified job descriptions can not only streamline your job search, but they also provide a better idea of how to focus your own resume and optimize your job hunt. Switch currently offers 18 different “job functions” that cover everything from account management to software engineering.

Today, we’ll look at the way product management job cards differ from typical internet job descriptions. For examples, check out the slideshow to the right. Then download the app to try it out for yourself!

Product Manager Job Cards

Despite the wide variety of product managers out there, a project manager is typically defined as the person at the meeting point of technology, business and user experience. In other words, product managers are some of the most important employees at a company, working with engineers, CEOs and designers to refine and refocus in order to produce the best product possible.

However, each company has a different expectation of a product manager. At a large technology company like Apple, tens or even hundreds of product managers will work to hone a variety of products. At a startup in beta, there may just be one product manager that the small staff works with on every aspect, from marketing to revenue to product design. When prospective product managers look online for open positions, though, they are often forced to sift through hundreds of irrelevant postings, as they try to match their hard and soft skills to match an employer's needs. At Switch, we offer a streamlined approach, allowing candidates to see a distilled version of the job description and pass -- or apply -- in seconds.

Most Popular Skills for Product Managers

  • Saas
  • E-commerce
  • Data extraction and Excel
  • Understanding of relevant technology stack
  • Competitive analysis
  • Supreme organizational skills
  • Strategy / Vision / Problem-solving ability
  • Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP
  • UX/UI experience
  • Interpersonal and delegation skills