Faster Than You: How I Set Up 8 Job Interviews in Less Than 8 Hours

Despite the instantaneous nature of the web, sourcing talent online can be a frustrating, time-consuming process. The application process can be arduous, and the most attractive positions can solicit hundreds -- or even thousands -- of résumés. The best candidates are in high demand, and if they are made to jump through too many hoops, you may lose them to competitors.

With Switch, we have devised a different approach. Quite simply, Switch is the quickest, easiest and most efficient way for real hiring managers to source and engage top candidates. How do we know? Because we use the app ourselves!

In May, Switch was on the prowl for a marketing whiz to join our growing team. Specifically, I was on the lookout for a candidate with 1-2 years of professional marketing experience, with a strong grasp of customer relationship management (CRM), social media marketing, analytics and SEO optimization. When I was hiring pre-Switch, I often got bogged down with long job descriptions, and I knew the candidate was too. Now, I can pick my specific skills using Switch’s scaled-down interface, and present them in a clean, concise way.

Read on to discover how I used the Switch desktop and mobile interfaces to source eight amazing candidates in less than eight hours.

Monday, Noon: The job is posted!

In the midst of a marketing meeting, I was discussing a possible new position with my team. As soon as we decided a marketing associate was exactly what we needed, I headed to the Switch desktop interface. In just a couple minutes, I filled in the five necessary fields and published the job card to the Switch app. I made sure to include a salary range for the position, so I could attract only candidates who had the same salary expectations and avoid awkward salary negotiations before the interview process even starts.

12:15 pm: Two likes already!

Still in the boardroom with my team, my pocket has already vibrated twice with notifications from Switch. Two jobseekers already liked my posting! I scanned their profiles and liked what I saw, so I shot them each a quick message via the Switch chat platform. One responded immediately, and we set up an interview for later in the week. In five minutes, I was able to return to the task at hand with one interview already on the schedule.

1:30 pm: 10 minutes, 2 more calls!

After lunch, I toggled back over to the Switch web app to check the posting’s progress. I reviewed seven interested candidates, and started a chat in the app with two I thought were best suited. I set up calls with both and was back to my other duties within 10 minutes. I love how I can interact with the app -- and the candidates -- at my own pace and on my own time. Much better than carving out a two-hour block from my day to sift through hundreds of résumés.

3:30 pm: 10 more jobseekers!

I had a bit of free time, so I tabbed back to the web app and found another 10 candidates who had expressed interest in the position. Again, I passed on half the candidates who, while qualified, were not what I was looking for, and chose to open up a chat with the other five. Eventually, I left the office with five screening calls scheduled for later in the week. It was such a relief to review the candidates at my own pace.

7:45 pm: Post-workout talent screening.

After the gym, I checked my iPhone and found that three more candidates had shown interest in the position, and all were home runs in terms of experience. One had an advanced marketing degree from Columbia, another experience working as a high-level associate with Goldman Sachs, and the third a long job history including gigs with Rent the Runway and Edelman. I was able to scan each candidate’s profile from the locker room, and I used the cab ride home to shoot messages to each about setting up a call.

Tuesday, 10 am: Eight screening calls scheduled!

On the bus to the office, I had heard from all eight candidates I loved, followed up with them and set up screener phone interviews with each for later in the week. In all, I received 21 notifications of interest on Monday, all from highly qualified individuals. I was able to whittle that very manageable group down to the most qualified eight. By eliminating the typical recruiting delays, I had my pick of the best talent on the market. And I think they appreciated my immediate, personalized response just as much!