The Highest-Paying Digital Marketing Jobs of 2015

It's no secret that high-paying careers and big salaries are pretty much what we're all looking for. We want to make money, and lots of it, and we're constantly looking for the best-paying jobs out there. There are heaps of high-paying jobs in dozens of industries, and digital marketing is certainly one of them. Sure, doctors, financial gurus and venture capitalists are usually at the top of the list, but the tech and marketing arenas are booming these days. @@Here are some of the top-paying digital marketing jobs out there.@@

Chief Digital Officer
Average Salary: $148,000

The demand for digital marketers is increasing every day and C-level execs are the most sought-after, particular the Chief Digital Officer, who oversees a company’s transition from analog to digital and manages their businesses thereafter. A recent study shows that executives with a mix of marketing and tech knowledge are the most desirable and the best compensated. Because they are so well-compensated, we’ve chosen the CDO over the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and other marketing directors, but they all pull down similar salaries depending on the nature and location of the company.

Digital Marketing Strategist
Average Salary: $112,760

Sometimes referred to as “growth hackers” in the startup sector, digital strategists manage a company’s online presence. From email marketing to content creation to social networking and media relations, strategists must balance and manage each of these areas so each shines on its own and together.

Web Analytics Specialist
Average Salary: $93,250

As more marketing moves to the digital realm, zeroing in on the most marketable content in order to reach the most targeted audience has become paramount. @@That’s where your web analytics specialist comes in.@@ With a deep knowledge of Google Analytics and other platforms, audience segmentation and analysis, web tracking and more, these specialists are able to quickly crunch, package and present data on which major marketing will be based.

Marketing Manager
Average Salary: $78,450

This is one of the most common titles in the world of marketing and advertising, and thereby the responsibilities vary widely. In general, a marketing manager is responsible for designing and implementing a marketing schedule for a product or service. They are also well paid, with salary creeping into the six-figure range for certain companies, and it's also rated as one of the most satisfying jobs out there.

Graphic Designer
Average Salary: $72,431

If you are willing to brush up your graphic design skills in order to make some killer marketing materials, you are going to be much more sought after by employers. Entry-level graphic designers earn a median of $46,000, but if you combine that with your marketing skills, you're looking at a pretty nice salary.