Forget The Resume: Follow These 4 Tips to Optimize Your Switch Profile

What are Switch Cards?

At Switch, we’ve replaced the outdated resume with abbreviated, anonymized Switch Cards, which act as your profile within the app. Switch Cards have only the information inside recruiters need to determine if you might be a fit.

You’ll remain anonymous until mutual interest is expressed. We’ll never recommend you to current or past employers. 

Personalize your Switch Card to improve your chances of connecting with employers! Here’s what to focus on:

Choose an Accurate, Evocative Headline

Your headline, which is pulled from your most recent job title, is the first thing potential employers see. Pick one that accurately evokes your main skill set. A good headline makes you immediately identifiable to employers who are looking for an experience profile like yours.

Example: Instead of “Engineer,” try “Full Stack Engineer.” Instead of “Sales,” try “SaaS Sales Manager.”

Set Your Experience Level

We use your LinkedIn profile to calculate your experience level. To help us make the best possible recommendations, set your experience to reflect only that which is relevant to your desired field.

Example: If you worked in government for two years and technical sales for four, Switch will calculate six years of experience. However, only four of those years are relevant to the jobs you’re looking for; set this manually for best results. 

Pick Your Top Three Experiences

Switch will automatically pull your three most recent experiences. However, you may want to consider highlighting your most formative jobs, and any brand-name experience you have. Pick the three experiences that are most likely to catch the eye of prospective employers.

Highlight Five Skills

We’ve distilled your entire resume to a snapshot of your core competencies and relevant skills, so make them count! Pick the skills you think are the most likely to get you noticed. 

Try not to make it redundant with your headline. Example: If your headline is Sales Manager, there’s no need to pick “sales” as a skill. Make it more specific, like Enterprise Sales, or Consultative Selling.

Ultimately, think of your Switch Card as the ultimate distillation of your one-page resume. If you had to pinpoint your experience level and pick your most formative work experiences and top-quality skills, what would they be? And how would you best present yourself in a couple of words, aka your Switch Card headline? 

Not only will thinking of your experience this way give you a better idea of strengths and weaknesses, it represents a kind of digital elevator pitch to employers. Once you find a job you like and start communicating within the app or in an interview, you can further explain your talents, skills, education and experience to ensure you're the right candidate for the job.

Thanks for trying Switch, and good luck in your job search! 

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