Five Unflattering Traits That Can Make Startup Founders Great (VentureBeat)

In late July, Switch CEO Yarden Tadmor wrote an article outlining some traits he believed were invaluable for startup founders to succeed. Rather than the typical characteristics like resilience, tenacity, and communication skills, Yarden picked a few traits that many might perceive as negative but, when harnessed and deployed in a positive way, can be key to launching a startup, gathering financing and leading a team to the promised land.

Here's a list of the traits he discussed in the article:

  1. ADHD
  2. Shamelessness
  3. Addictive Personality
  4. Napoleon Complex
  5. Stubbornness

Surprising, right? For a full explanation of each point, you'll have to read the article in full. Navigate to the VentureBeat piece using this link.