Five Fun & Fulfilling Jobs You Can Do Remotely

Working from home is a dream for many 9-to-5ers looking to burst beyond the walls of their cubicles. And what’s not to like? Avoid rush hour commutes, harsh fluorescents and infuriating bureaucracy. However, not all remote positions are created equal, and many require longer hours and more crushing expectations than even the most demanding office job. To really make the most of a career spent working from home, you need to capitalize on your talents, skills and experience and challenge yourself in totally new ways. Here are five of the most fun, fulfilling jobs you can do from your home office.

Freelance Writer

When most people hear the title freelance writer, they immediately think of journalists reporting and writing stories for media sites. In actuality, there is far more that falls under the freelance writer umbrella, including marketing copywriting, public relations work, scientific and technical writing, and more. Especially with so many new companies entering the market day after day, freelance writers who can explain the product, appeal to new customers and create simple, winning language are in high demand.

Technology Consultant

There are a lot of individuals and organizations that need help in understanding how to add new technology to their lives and businesses. Some might need expert opinions on what technology they should invest in, while others might need help figuring out how to integrate new tech with what they already have. Technology consultants stay current on the latest options to help people and businesses make informed choices. Technology consultants may focus on specific topics within the industry, including computer security, project scoping, and communications.

Video Game Tester


Embrace your inner child by landing a job testing video games from home. These positions involve you providing feedback on gameplay as well as identifying any bugs or flaws in the game, and are usually attained based more on experience than education. If you can prove to a video game maker that you not only know how to play and conquer a video game, but also are capable of analyzing the experience on general and technical level, you have the ability to make some big bucks from your couch.

Online Tutor

If you have a background in education, you could earn money and meet students from all over the world by working as an online tutor. It's a fun job for people who enjoy helping young people -- or adults, depending on the services you provide -- learn new subjects. While many prefer the classroom learning experience, the advent of video chatting has made it possible for learners from Utah to Uganda to glean valuable knowledge through their laptop screens.

@@Make the most of your work-from-home life by capitalizing on your talents.@@

Graphic Designer

Talented artists -- whether they are photographers, painters or otherwise -- can't always earn a living selling their work, especially when they are just starting out. Many of them, however, can use those same elements of design and composition in an area that does pay, and pays well: graphic design. Much like freelance writing is a way for writers to stay sharp while the novel’s on the backburner, graphic design allows artists to make an income to support their more personal endeavors.

At the end of the day, these are just five traditionally fun work-from-home jobs. If you've got the talent and the vision, chances are a company will be willing to let you do your thing from a remote location. It can't hurt to try!