Find a Job While You Surf the Net with the Switch Chrome Extension

At Switch, we’re always working to make the job search and hiring process easier, faster and smarter. That’s why we’re excited to let you know about our latest product: the Switch Chrome Extension. Read the news, select your fantasy leagues or online shop, anytime a website you visit has a job opportunity for you, the  Switch Chrome Extension will light up. Click the Chrome Extension logo to view the jobs which are relevant to you!

How does the Switch Chrome Extension work?

Anytime you’re on the internet, Switch works in the background to scan available job opportunities that are a match for you on any website you are visiting. Our super smart tech identifies opportunities that are match based on your Switch profile. When we find an opportunity for you, the chrome extension will light up. Then, you can apply directly from the chrome extension - that easy!

Say goodbye to the deep-dive into company careers sections and reading through unlimited job descriptions - the Switch Chrome Extension does the work for you. You don’t even need to be looking for a job, just continue surfing the web!

Get the Switch Chrome Extension to let us help you find a job, without even thinking about it.

You’ll need a Switch jobseeker account in order to use this extension. Setup your profile and we’ll match you with jobs that are relevant to your experience and selected job functions.

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