The Best & Worst Places to Work in 2015 [Infographic]

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@@Looking for a job? There are plenty in retail! Wal-Mart, Macy's, TJ Maxx, Safeway, Home Depot & more!@@

@@17 of the top 50 employers in the U.S. are retail companies. #jobsearch #workinretail@@

@@Wells Fargo was the most profitable company of all in 2014. Their profit-per-employee was tops, too!@@

@@Wells Fargo ranked in the Top 10 of profit growth in each of the past five years. Onward and upward!@@

@@Kroger is the second largest retailer in America, operating in 31 states. That's coverage! #jobsearch@@

@@Kroger had higher profit growth over the past five years (128%) than any other retailer. #jobsearch@@

@@Wanna get paid? Cognizant, a tech solutions company, offers the highest average salaries of anyone!@@

@@Cognizant is booming! The tech solutions firm had the highest revenue growth over the past five years.@@

@@JC Penney was the least profitable major company in 2014, losing 1.4 billion dollars. #jobsearch@@

@@Bottom feeders! Supervalu was in the bottom five of the Top 50 retailers for profit margin. #jobsearch@@

@@Did You Know? Nobody offers more jobs than Pizza Hut. Now you know!!! 34,000 jobs!!! #yum #jobsearch@@

@@Ford generates the most revenue per employee at $900,000. That's a lot of coin! #jobsearch #builttough@@

@@Via Glassdoor, Verizon has the best health benefits of any major employer! #gethired #gethealthy@@

@@Would you believe it? Home Deport offers the lowest average salary, at $30k/year. #jobsearch@@