300,000 NYC Tech Jobs Available

This year, New York is celebrating its 20th anniversary of its technology sector. In lieu of a parade down 5th Avenue, the tech sector is opting for a slightly more enduring celebration of achievement: a record 300,000 technology jobs, putting the New York metro area on par with Silicon Valley.

It seems that everyone -- even the mayor -- is trying to get in on the technology game in 2015. Job seekers love the glut of available tech jobs. Wall Street investors love the growth prospects of the startup community. Real estate agents love the wave of high-paid tech employees who can afford the ever-rising rent, and startups are cropping from Brooklyn to Chelsea to Queens and even Roosevelt Island. And in early May, Mayor Bill De Blasio announced a 10-year plan to reduce inequality by injecting government funds into expanding broadband, creating channels from public schools into the tech industry, and public investment into promising technology startups. A long-dormant NYC public startup accelerator is back and better than ever, incubating enterprise startups left and right.

As a result, tech startups and established players (see: Google) have flocked to New York, and have brought thousands of job openings along with them. However, with so many thousands of applicants and even more job openings in such a small space, it can be totally overwhelming to try to break into the industry. Should I go to the Northside Innovation Expo in Williamsburg, or the Choice Career Fair in Midtown? How many meetings for coffee can one possibly schedule in one day? And which internet job board actually has relevant positions that aren’t an hour-long train ride away?

As an app headquartered in New York that initially focused exclusively on the tech industry, Switch has its collective finger on the pulse of the New York tech marketplace, and thousands of available, localized, and relevant jobs to choose from. And the best part is, you can conduct your job search on your own time -- whether you’re commuting on the Subway, relaxing in Central Park or waiting on your meal at Smorgasburg.

Software Engineer
No. of NYC Jobs on Switch: 1,897

Software engineer is generally considered to be the most in-demand position in tech, and one of the best in the entire job market. In a recent Glassdoor ranking of The 25 Best Jobs in America 2015, software engineers ranked No. 2 overall, second only to physician’s assistant. And in a Forbes list of the highest-paying, most in-demand jobs in America, software architect and software develpment manager both ranked in the top five.

Software engineers are in high demand across New York City, whether as part of large, established teams of software gurus or a standalone, startup engineer that can take a small company to the next level. At Switch, we have more openings for software engineers in New York City than any other position -- 1,897, to be exact.

Currently, Switch has 115 posted jobs for strictly software engineer, but other job titles, such as QA engineer, consulting engineer, senior software engineer, full stack engineer and devops engineer all have more than 40 available jobs on Switch.

@@There is a severe deficit of software engineers in New York.@@

No. of NYC Jobs on Switch: 931

While the tech sector relies on engineers to build, test and maintain the infrastructure of their product, there is another vital component once the product is launched: marketing. With the overflow of tech companies large and small in the city -- not to mention the city’s already booming tourism, financial and artisanal sectors -- it is vital for companies to get their name in front of consumers, businesses, media and the general public.

There are entire companies focused on tech-facing marketing, from strategy to implementation, and the field spans skills from copywriting, blogging and social media to analytics, SEO and data mining. While many marketing gurus and growth hackers out there can do it all, certain companies are looking for certain levels of experience and skill from their employees. With Switch, searching for the right marketing position is made quick, clear and easy with our brief job card summaries of the position, salary and experience.

Currently, marketing is the second-most popular New York City job function on Switch, with nearly 1,000 open positions (and growing!) Marketing managers, community managers, account executives all fall into this category.

Sales | Product Management | Account Management | UI/UX | Business Development

No. of Switch Jobs in NYC

Any tech business worth its weight in venture capital needs a full team. Engineers and marketers will produce and promote, but an effective tech company -- from Google down to the leanest AngelList startup -- needs product managers to shuttle the product to completion, sales teams to move it, account managers to handle clients and customers, user experience gurus to refine and refurbish and business development departments to help grow the business while the rest grow the bottom line.

@@Switch has hundreds of positions, ranging from interns to vice presidents, for these job functions.@@ Whether you’ve just finished a set of General Assembly courses in UI/UX or spent the last 10 years honing your sales skills, Switch can be a home base for any job search in the booming New York tech marketplace.