Switch Adds New Customer Service Jobs!

We’re excited to announce that Switch has added brand new customer service jobs! Love solving problems, build and maintaining strong relationships and have interpersonal skills to boot?

Customer service might be the role for you! Our new customer service jobs include customer service & support and guest services.

Looking to hire a great customer service person in customer service & support or guest services? We have them on Switch! 

Post a job for free now and select "Customer Service" within the category selection! 

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Switch is Going Places!

Exciting news! At Switch, we are always looking for more ways to make hiring smarter and to help you power your career.

We are pleased to announce that Switch is now live in Los Angeles! Looking for a new job or hiring a great team in the sunny home to Hollywood and Disney? Now you can with Switch!

Money, money, money.. if that wasn’t great enough already, you can now search and post jobs in the finance category. Hire or search for accounting, bookkeeping, CFO/VP Finance, Controller, Finance Management and Financial Analysis roles! 

Welcome to the New Switch

What’s worse? Finding a new job, going to the dentist or sitting next to a tuna salad eating coworker? At Switch, we don’t think “finding a new job” fits with the other two.

So, we made a new iOS app.. With a BRAND NEW DESIGN. We listened to you and created some features to make your job search even better.

Now you can.... 


Get Hired Faster! 

Mark yourself as "On the Market" when you're ready for a new job. 






What happens when you're "On the Market..."

You’ll be at the top of the list of candidates and featured to employers for 30 days. You can always set yourself "On the Market" again, but use this feature when you're really ready for a new opportunity.

Why? We move fast and so should your career. 

Stay “Off the Market” to stay hidden from employers and browse jobs

Had a bad meeting with your boss, but not ready to leave the happy hour crew? Stay off the market and browse jobs. Employers will not be able to see you, but we’ll still send your application to employers when you swipe right.



Record a video resume!

Quickly introduce yourself to employers with a video.

Instantly Schedule Interviews 

Request, accept and propose new interview times. Everything automatically syncs to your calendar. 

Jobs Later (2).png

Save jobs for later! 

Not ready to apply? Swipe down and the jobs will show up the next time you open your app. 

And there's more... 

  • Send an intro tweet sized note to employers to introduce yourself and stand out from the crowd! Never write another cover letter.

  • We improved how we parse information from your resume, so you'll easily create a better profile and recieve better job recommendations. 

As always... swipe to apply for jobs and you'll always stay hidden from the current and past employers listed on your profile. 

Power Your Career with the New Switch App 

Here’s How our Moms Prepared us to be “Adults”

Mom’s always right. Mama said there’d be days like this. No one’s happy unless Mom’s happy.

Our moms taught us a lot to help us become the “adults” we are today. Yes, we might occasionally drink milk out of the carton or forget to put our dishes directly into the dishwasher, but our moms did teach us a thing or two (or three) about life.

So, to celebrate Mother’s Day and say thank you, here are our favorite Momisms from the Switch team...


"Life isn't fair, Ami"

Ami Cohen, Head of Business Development, and his mom, Ruth


"Be kind and be polite with everybody, no matter what"

Sakshi Syal, QA Engineer, and her mom Manju Bala



Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 3.37.04 PM.png

"Don’t be so hard on yourself. You're human."

Kelsie Axelrod, Director of Marketing, and her mom, Kim Axelrod

"Don't complain, do something about it."

Ela Van, Switch Community Manager, and her mom, Jessica

“The other kids only bully you because they’re jealous of you.”

Tara Connelly, Senior UX Designer, and her mom Renée aka the original author of "Shake it Off"

Switch Partners with WeWork in the New Services Store

Some exciting news from us, we’re one of the first partners in the WeWork services store! Like us, WeWork is committed to building a community that empowers their members with the tools they need to successfully run their business. We’re honored and excited to be one of the 100+ best-in-class service providers in the store, joined by Slack, Lyft, Zendesk and many others.

Most importantly, we’re looking forward to helping WeWork members find the talent they need to create new, innovative and exciting companies. A company is only as great as it’s team and we think the Switch community is full of some pretty great talent.

Are you a WeWork Member? Learn more about our deals for you in the WeWork Store. 

Not a WeWork Member, but interested in hiring some great talent for your team?

Can a Machine Build Your Team? New Reaserch from Switch and Uncubed

If you’re one of the 75% of employers that say they simply cannot find someone with the right skill set, than most likely frustration is a familiar feeling. Have you ever wondered if hiring can be automated? Or, even parts of the hiring process?

We were pretty curious to find out, so we took a look into how AI, automation, data-mining, bots and more can help with talent acquisition. We partnered with Uncubed, to bring some fresh, new insights straight to you!

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